Photos of beautiful Rust and top producer Ernst Triebaumer

A short visit to Burgenland at the end of August. It was just a one day trip with a friend of mine, István, but we enjoyed it quite a lot. We were lucky to make an appointment with the Ernst Triebaumer winery where our friendly host Claudia showed us the cellar and many of their wines, too. They are all great in their class, and the top one, the Mariental 2019 is a candidate for the best  blaufrankisch title for sure! Continue reading

Carbonic maceration Blaufrankisch – Esterházy Projekt Wine 7 2020

I love carbonic maceration and wondered what would it do to a Blaufrankisch, as I’m experimenting with this combination in our winery (HOOP WINES). I could find only one Austrian example online (and no Hungarian at all), though I guess there might be a few more in existence – please let me know if you are aware others (unless it’s a very funky, hardcore naturalist version).

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