Itt és Most Tihanyi Kék 2021

I must mention that Itt és Most Pince‘s owner is a fellow winemaker in the same village where I also make my wine – I’m a bit hesitant to write about his wines, but this is such an important one. To my knowledge it’s only József Szentesi who has been making wine from tihanyi kék, an almost extinct Hungarian red grape. Until 2021, when Itt és Most Pince made their first harvest from their new plantings…

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Bodri Kékfrankos 2020

Bodri is one of the bigger names (and bigger producers) of Szekszárd. They had an entry level kékfrankos which often over-delivered regarding value, and I followed it through many vintages. It seems to be gone now and I guess this “Tradíció” titled one is the successor. As it turns out, it’s not just the label which has changed: it’s not the pure and bright rendition anymore.

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Supermarket wines: the Spanish rosado-like Tüske Siller 2020 from Hungary

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Siller is an easy drinking, traditional pale red wine style once widespread in Hungary, well pre-dating rose. It’s hard to find these days, and the ones I tried in the last few years weren’t that convincing, except one, the Piroska siller (reviewed here), which is made from top quality grapes – not a common thing at all.

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