Hungary’s leading nouveau wine: Vylyan Bogyólé from Villány

Not much nouveau wines are made in Hungary, and from those the majority are actually white or rose. Take a look at the red ones, and you will find even less made with carbonic maceration, probably only 3-5 does exist. The most well known and widely distributed is Vylyan Bogyoló, which rules the category and really good in every vintage. The 2021 is no exception.

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Back online – my harvest season in the Mátra in pictures

The view from the Gereg vineyard, which many regard as the greatest site in Mátra. With some experience I can say it’s indeed a top vineyard with its own character – unusually warm and windy.

Harvesting and making wine fully occupied me in the last 6 weeks, so much so that I basically went home only to sleep. But most work is done now and I’m trying to return to my normal life, thinking about things I was used to do before, like posting on my blog. Let me just start with a recap of my harvest… Continue reading