A visit in photos: Dorli Muhr, a leading blaufrankisch producer in Carnuntum

A wine lover’s dream. This is how wines are presented at Weingut Dorli Muhr (picture above). So that you can explore and compare the differences of all the site-specific blaufrankisch they make.

We were the lucky ones treated as first guests at Dorli Muhr’s new winery, at the end of March. It’s not even finished completely, but it’s already impressive. Not to mention that it was Dorli herself who guided us and told the story. The winery was made with sustainability and low environmental impact in mind. Just to give you an idea: it has double brick walls and trees planted in front of southern walls to give shadow, so that no air-conditioning will be used. Water will be re-cycled, too, and the list goes on.

The wines we tasted just confirmed my previous impressions: far from the oaky blaufrankisch mainstream, this is a pure expression of the variety, probably with a nod towards Burgundy. Each wine is made the same, very traditional way (fermentation with indigenous yeasts, often in small open fermenters, there is even foot trodding involved in the process; maturation is done only in old casks), and you can clearly taste that. [Some tasting notes to come soon, stay tuned!]