Carbonic maceration Blaufrankisch – Esterházy Projekt Wine 7 2020

I love carbonic maceration and wondered what would it do to a Blaufrankisch, as I’m experimenting with this combination in our winery (HOOP WINES). I could find only one Austrian example online (and no Hungarian at all), though I guess there might be a few more in existence – please let me know if you are aware others (unless it’s a very funky, hardcore naturalist version).

Low sulphur, says the label but fortunately it’s clean. Perhaps its fruitiness is not that lively as it would be having more SO2, but it’s a lovely and interesting wine. Quite ripe profile, dark fruited, the nose is almost malbec-like with a touch of herbs and smoked ham. A creamy, smooth palate with the softness of the very low acidity (4,4g/l) and mouthfilling flavor. Quite full and concentrated, generous, really enjoyable, not to mention that it has lots of personality – at least I have not tasted anything like it so far. Not really Beaujolais Cru-like, but very good, 88 points. Stockist: Esterházy webshop. Good value for 12,00 €. Source: own purchase.