Barossa Shiraz done well: Kaesler Reach For The Sky 2018

Big reds were still popular when I started to explore Barossa shiraz but they were difficult to get in this part of the World (Hungary), so there are many famous producers whose wines I never tasted. Kaesler is one of them and even though the wine world has changed since then, I still love big Aussie reds, given that they are not a caricature of a wine.

This year I noticed that Kaesler became available in the neighborhood, at a Czech distributor I regularly order wines from, and the prices were good, too. That’s quite not the case when one orders wines from UK (the closest country with the greatest selection of Australian wines). So I ordered one, and here we go…

Old school style of Barossa in a good way. Ripe and generous, but not over-extracted as some Penfolds. Old or big oak influence, not new, I guess, it’s not sweet but rather savoury overall. Yet you get the classic richness you would expect, with a matching structure and a savoury appeal. Prunes and dark fruits, licorice, just a touch of mint and coconut, a lovely hint of leather. Full-bodied, smooth with a right amount of tannin and tightness so that it’s not cloying. Concentration and lots of flavour to enjoy. And it has personality. Great wine, 90 points. Good value at €20.94, stockist is 8wines. Source: own purchase.