Summer red – an 11% alc. Hungarian Syrah, Válibor 2018 from Balaton

This is no ordinary Syrah. How often do you see 11% alc. on the back label of a red made from this powerful grape?

As light as the alcohol content suggests. For those who know Hungarian wines: it’s even lighter than a Kadarka. Pale in colour, fragile to taste, but it does not lack flavors or length. A touch of green notes, a bit of unintegrated, coconut oak, but that’s OK – it’s simply delicious and dangerously easy to drink. A real bistro red. Recommended.

Rating: pretty, good to very good, 86 points. 
Price: 3000 HUF (9€).
Stockist: Radovin.
Tasted: June, 2020.
Value: good.
Source: own purchase.


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