Supermarket wines – Aldi’s Csányi Villányi Shiraz 2021, a great value red

As a winelover you won’t often find a Hungarian red for 1100 HUF or 3 Euros which is worth drinking. But the Csányi Shiraz is an exception, it always delivers, and the 2021 vintage is no exception.

The freshest version of this wine so far. A bistro red actually, bright, easy drinking, even Beaujolais-like. At 12,5% alcohol it’s light and goes down easily, yet it’s a proper rendition of syrah, showing black pepper, purple fruits and some grapefruit. Pure fruit expression, no oak in sight. A tad simple but full of energy. It works slightly chilled too, in the summer. 84 points and great value at 1100 HUF (Aldi). Source: own purchase.