One more csókaszőlő on the horizon!

Just a micro batch, but there is now one more csókaszőlő red wine on the market, joining the very few others that exist today. Szentesi József, Vylyan, St. Andrea and Bussay are the producers who already released such variety (I might miss a name or two), and now you can taste one from Kovács András and Tóth Kinga, if you are lucky enough – it’s extremely limited.

It’s easy to put aside the VA when the wine is so exciting. The variety clearly comes through, aromas are very similar to Szentesi’s version. Wild, very ripe yet tart black berries, it’s more akin to monastrell and carignan than anything from the Pannonian basin. Smooth on the palate, full-bodied, acidity is on the soft side, tannins are drying and corse, adding the impression of rusticity. The intensity, concentration are very good, and it’s so pure and honest. Saw no oak. A unique, exciting wine, 89 points. Available at the cellar door (contact here).