Malbec from the Loire Valley: Domaine des Rochelles 2017

If you are not familiar with the Loire Valley, then it might come as a surprise that Malbec is grown there, and quite a few producers offer it in their assortment.

I would guess a low intervention approach for this wine – it’s a bit funky, light, seems to be aiming freshness and drinkability. Bistro style for sure, and after opening the bottle it’s pretty and tasty, the kind you cannot stop drinking. Even if it’s not perfectly clean, notes of glue and blood (not in a good way) appear on the nose, but it’s still pleasant enough. Light-bodied, dry with highish acidity, but it’s lovingly juicy too. Tastes almost like grape juice (without the sugar). I liked the first sips, but it got more and more funky with time. Finish the bottle soon once it’s opened, and don’t hold.

Rating: okay wine, 83 points.
Price: 11 Euros.
Value: I would not buy it again.
Tasted: August, 2019.
Source: I bought it at Hardy-Weine.
Alcohol: 12%.
Drinking window: drink as young as possible (2017-2019).