Casa Castillo La Tendida 2020

Casa Castillo is a star producer of Jumilla, and their wines are different from most made in the region. Less oak and less sweetness, more purity – I’m gravitating towards the style, but I’m not fully convinced by this wine. And it’s not the first case when I expected more from a Casa Castillo red

Overtly reductive on opening, give this lots of air, that really helps. Surprisingly pale color. Carob powder, medlar on the nose, it’s sunbaked but not sweet or jammy. Savoury, appealing, but not complex. Almost light for a monastrell, yet it’s really hot on the finish, the alcohol sticks out quite a bit. I like the aroma profile, but it’s outbalanced, somewhat flabby and simple. Still, it’s a good to very good wine, but regarding the price (€14) and fame, it’s disappointing.