A wine like no other – Szentesi Tihanyi Kék 2018 from Nadap, Etyek-Budai wine region, Hungary

I could not name a more exciting Hungarian red wine than Szentesi’s Tihanyi Kék. It’s even more individual than his Csókaszőlő, though both are highlights for me from his range of wines, in every vintage.

Tihanyi Kék is one of the almost extinct Hungarian varieties Szentesi brought back to life. Plantings are still scarce, but luckily a few enthusiastic young winemakers in the Mátra region (Itt és Most Pince, for example) joined Szentesi in the mission to save our heritage. We will see  new examples emerging in the next few years.

Spice explosion. Stunning intensity, it jumps out even from a big Burgundy glass. Pink pepper, tart cherries, cranberries, herbs – a complex nose. An almost Nebbiolo-like structure, loosely knit, but with a creamy texture and a firm finish. Unforced, but does not lack power or flavor. A distinctive, perfumed wine.

Rating: outstanding. 90 points. 
Availability: can be tasted at the cellar door.
Tasted: March, 2020.

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