A few favorites from the DropShop Portfolio tasting

The annual tasting of the whole range of wines of Drop Shop, probably Budapest’s oldest wine bar and shop took place yesterday. I did not take notes, simply went just to have fun, but here are some worthy mentions.

Tavel rose might not be popular, and it’s quite full with 14,5% alcohol, but I liked this Dom. de la Mordorée a lot. Quite polished for its size.

My pick from the whites I tried. This is not an in your face Kiwi sauvignon; it’s poised, elegant, close to Bordeaux blanc in style.

Not a favorite, but rather something I did not understand. Felt like grapes were grown in a climate which is too hot for the variety, it was flabby and simple.

Another strange wine. I suppose some calls it natural. Oxidized, rustic, I could not find anything I liked in it.

Back to lovely wines, this is amazing. So elegant, so pure, almost light on its feet. The label rocks too.

I love Sauvignon – Semillon blends, and this is a serious, textured example. It would be nice to taste it blind in a white Bordeaux and South African SBS lineup.

Pure magic. Lots of personality, a charming, traditional style. So complex and intense, and properly sinewy as Sangiovese should be. My dream wine.

Wow wine. This is traditional too, with lots of paprika, a medium body and an amazing, grippy structure. A bit too tannic for current drinking, but I love those tannins. Their 2017 Rosso is also a winner, smoother and fruitier, less serious but still top class stuff.

I loved everything from this famous Austrian producer. Even the St Laurent, which is usually not my cup of tea. Cool climate wines for sure, they are so intense yet weightless, complex yet fragile.

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