Zuccardi Serie A Malbec 2020

This April I was invited to a Malbec World Day tasting in Budapest, where most of the malbecs distributed in the country were opened. The standout estate was Zuccardi for me, and this was also the first time I tasted their wines. What an exciting range of malbec!

A week after the event I bought a bottle, to see if I also like it that much when tasting at home – that sometimes leads to a different conclusion, as wine exhibitions, just like tastings on site with the producer can trick the taster. But not  this time, the Serie A Malbec 2020 again convinced me.

Make no mistake, this is a generous, ripe, dark and full-bodied malbec, but with a savoury twist. Like a French wine, not simply fruit-driven, it has finesse, too. Black fruits and juniper spiciness, a layer of fine reduction. Full on the palate, smooth and dense, with soft acidity, but no sweetness at all. Beautiful texture, it fills every corner of the mouth, and finishes with great, firm tannins. Big red done well, not a predictable crowdpleaser at all. Outstanding and great value, too. 92 points. Hungarian stockist is Gepárd és Űrhajó Borbár, 5500 HUF.