Supermarket wines – Günzer Syrah 2020, Villány

The first syrah plantings in Villány date back to the early 2000s if I’m not mistaken, and the variety is still not widespread in the region. Yet there are quite cheap and affordable bottlings around, like this one, available at 5 Euros in Auchan.

A crowdpleaser. Lacks varietal character and over-oaked, but intensity is great and extraction is gentle, making it round and easy to drink. That oak is nicer than what you often find in Villány, not charred, but sweet, nutty and rum-like – perhaps US oak. Generous and a bit sweet on the palate, lighter on tannin. Many will like this. 85 points. Price: 2100-2200 HUF, stockists: Hungarian Auchan, online wine shops.