Siller benchmark: Tüske Panni 2022

It seems like siller, the light red style popular in Hungary in the old days is finally getting better. I have never tasted such good examples as this year, and this Tüske is also an improvement compared to its 2020 vintage I posted last year.

A real siller. Nothing rose-like about it, it’s a pale red with little tannin so it’s easy to drink. Restrained, savoury, not too fruity, but has some depth and proper flavour intensity. It went through malolactic so tastes round and soft – that’s the original siller way I’m sure. Unforced and simply delicious. One of the best of its genre. 87 point, highly recommended. Great value at 2390 HUF (6,5 EUR), stockist is Radovin.