Jorge Navascues Cutio 2018, Carinena, Spain

A grenache, finally. I drank less of them in the last few months than it’s usual for me, but here you go. A spanish one that also contains a bit of carignan.

A bit funky in a low intervention way, but not overtly, luckily. Slightly oxidised already on opening, yet it’s worth aerating – some of the funk goes away, if not the oxidation of course, but it’s shows as pleasant licorice notes. You won’t mistake this for French grenache, it’s more akin to Australian ones with it’s cooked strawberry, raisin and candy, yet still savoury aromatics, the character even reminded me to the famous Greenock Creek. Full bodied, soft and there’s some heat on the finish, true to variety and so Mediterranean. Rustic, not too complex but enjoyable, it seems pretty authentic and honest and I like that.

Rating: very good, 87 points. 
Price: around €8.
Stockists:, Vinatis and more.
Value: OK.
Tasted: February, 2022.
Drinking window: now.
Source: own purchase.