Hungarian icons: the 2HA Tabunello 2020

2HA is the true pioneer of sangiovese in Hungary. The first vintage was made almost 20 years ago, in 2005 and the first official release was actually the 2007.

Although the wine seems to be successful, no one followed the path which I don’t really understand – I personally always thought that sangiovese would be a more natural choice for Hungary’s warm, southern regions (Villány and Szekszárd) than the Bordeaux varieties but I might be alone with this opinion. As a side note: from all the well-known Hungarian icon reds (Gere Kopar, Heimann Barbár etc.) my favourite is the Tabunello: it’s more delicate and savoury than others in that league.

Embryonic. Oak is prominent, but it always is for Tabunello at this point and integrates 5 years after vintage. Such a light handed wine: pale colour, very gentle extraction, only 13% alcohol. Nutmeg oak, dried cherries, red current, savoury and red fruited. Light on its feet, pinot-like, built on ripe, crisp acidity. There is finesse here. 90+ potential, but wait until 2025.