Great Tokaji Szamorodnis on the market #3 – The World Class Balassa Bomboly Szamorodni 2017

The winner of our recent Szamorodni blind tasting. Took the first place for all the three tasters, and got the same high scores, too. It’s in a completely different class, everything else looked a simple drink in comparison, except the Gizella.

A Szamorodni that could be labelled as Aszú. It’s actually better than most Aszú wines. Opulent, powerful wine with good freshness. Notes of orange marmalade, apricot jam, honey, clove – it smells like Christmas. Endless depth of flavor, it’s immensely intense and rich on the palate, yet very lively. It’s rare that sweetness and acidity are so nicely integrated in an Aszú, the balance is remarkable. It’s so complex I that you can find new nuances in every sip.

Rating: World Class dessert wine and benchmark for Tokaji Szamorodni. 94 points.
Price: 9950 HUF (30 Euros) at Bortársaság.
Value: great. I seriously doubt that you can get any sweet wine at this price that comes close in quality.
Tasted: December, 2019.
Source: I bought the bottle.
Drinking window: now-2030.