Give me more – great value Beaujolais Cru, Domaine des Brulets Brouilly 2019

Beaujolais Cru is one of my all time favorites in red wine, there is just nothing like it. And it is often so cheap, as in this case.

Exemplary Bojo Cru. Cheerful and so drinkable, yet very grown up wine. Amazing intensity, it can easily cope with a huge Burgundy glass. Oozes cherries and other red fruits, with that hibiscus and roses twist the semi-carbonic maceration brings. A bit of veggies in the background. Graceful and nuanced like a Pinot, with a good backbone of acidity and tannin. A complete wine.

Rating: very good, in it’s class: 9/10, or 88 points on the absolute 100p scale.
Price: 2100 HUF (around 6€).
Stockist: Auchan.
Tasted: November, 2020.
Value: great, find and buy!
Drinking window: now-2022
Source: own purchase.

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