Carbonic cabernet franc – the nouveau red Bujdosó Libás 2022

Very few red wines are made in Hungary with carbonic maceration, the only well-known one is Vylyan’s Bogyólé. I’m a fan of such wines (just like of Beaujolais crus, which is kinda geeky stuff), I don’t think that they are junk or suitable only for beginners. Not at all. So I’m happy to see the category growing, and here is another good one, a cabernet franc from the southern bank of Lake Balaton.

You won’t mistake this for Beaujolais Nouveau, but it offers the pleasures of a good carbonic red: super bright, loaded with vibrant primary fruit and dangerously easy to drink. Light in color and body, fragile and so juicy. Moderated acidity makes it even more smooth, it’s fresh without sharpness. On the simple side, but has great intensity and it’s actually quite refined. Aromas could be less candy-like, but this is such an enjoyable quaffer. Good to very good (86 points), great value at 2590 HUF (6 EUR), stockist is Radovin.