2016 Southern Rhones and dumb phase – Clos Saint-Antonin Cotes du Rhone

Yet another wine that makes me believe Southern Rhone reds are prime examples of wines which go through dumb phases. This looks even more closed down compared to my last bottle tasted 17 months ago (see post here).

No lack of power, but as aromatics are subdued, it’s less harmonic and enjoyable as before, the structure dominates at the moment. Hints remain of the extravagant liveliness 2016 Rhones were famous for, but it’s youth is over and maturity is not here yet – it’s somehow in the middle, lacking aromatics. That makes alcohol and tannins more prominent, less integrated. It’s still good, but I think better days are ahead of it, and probably showed it’s best in 2017-2018. Hold until late 2021 or so.

Rating: good. In its class: 6/10, or 86 points on the absolute 100p scale.
Price: around 11 euros.
Tasted: November, 2020.
Source: vinatis.de.
Drinking window: 2022-2025.

Source: own purchase.